Pay Chapter Dues and Fees

Greetings Brothers, as promised by the Executive committee, your annual chapter dues and member requirements may now be paid online. You may make payments via PayPal by credit card, debit card or with an existing PayPal account.


Chapter Dues 10-monthly Installments
Name & Control Number

Regular Member Dues $407.25 –

IHQ Life Member Dues $282.25 –

Additional Fees Reminder: (where applicable)
$10 Reclaimation fee – added by IHQ if brother was not financial the previous frat year.
$25 Late fee – added for IHQ, district, state & chapter late fees on dues paid after December.

  • LP Chapter Dues 1:  $407.25 – Regular member (RM) chapter dues only
  • LP Chapter Dues 2:  $282.25 – IHQ Life member (LM) chapter dues only
  • LP Chapter Dues 3:  $427.25 – RM chapter dues plus late fees (after Dec 12th)
  • LP Chapter Dues 4:  $407.25 – RM chapter dues with fully paid chapter discount
  • LP Chapter Dues 5:  $282.25 – LM chapter dues with fully paid chapter discount
  • Option 6:   Miscellaneous payment option (include details in info box)

A 3% convenience fee is reduced from all PayPal payments.

$100 chapter discount applied to brothers who fully paid prior year Mardi Gras assessment.

Lambda Phi Installment Payments
Member Type
Enter Your First and Last Name
Enter Your Control Number:

Lambda Phi Payments
Provide Name, Ctrl Num & Info


Monthly Installment plans are available.
Click here to set up automatic equal monthly installment payments.

$495.69 / 10 = $49.56 monthly  payments   $366.94 / 10 = $36.69 monthly donations

Use the Donate button below to make any miscellaneous chapter payments. No fees apply.