Social Actions – Mentoring Program (T.E.A.M.)

The Mission of Omega’s Renaissance T.E.A2.M. (Talented Educated African American Men) is to provide young African American boys ages 11-14 an opportunity to participate in a comprehensive educational experience that will encompass scholarship, community service, leadership training, social and spiritual experience that prepares our team (students) for leadership and service with in our society.

We, the men of Lambda Phi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. will commit ourselves to create a positive environment where each team member (student) has the opportunity to reach his full potential and recognize the opportunities of the future. The following training will be provided to help every member discover the power of their own possibilities to thrive to reach high and dream beyond their reach.

Ω Conflict Resolution          Ω Leadership Training          Ω Tutoring          Ω Test Preparation

Ω College Tours          Ω Dining Etiquette          Ω Dress Etiquette          Ω Writing               

Ω Career/Guest Speakers          Ω Educational Trips          Ω Respect


Theme for 2016:  Black Man Hold Up Your End of the Bargain


Applications are due by June 1st.

For more information and applications, click here



June 17, 2017: Week 1
Determining strengths and weakness (What or Who is stopping your Success in 100 words?)
Ways to Increasing Learning Skills & Study Skills

June 24, 2017: Week 2
Fundraiser/ Activity Excursion
Essay- Define yourself as a person in 150 words.
Team Building
Building Character
Fatherhood Initiative
Conflict Resolution

July 15, 2017: Week 3
Fundraiser/ Activity Excursion
Bullying/Law Enforcement
Self Defense
Public Speaking

July 22, 2017: Week 4
Sex Education and Body Language
FBI – Human Trafficking
Photography Basics

July 29, 2017: Week 5
Men’s Attire How to Dress for Success
The Art of Stepping
Arm Forces Career Day
Stress Management

August 12, 2017: Week 6
Fundraiser/ Activity Excursion
Roberts’s Rules of Engagement
Youth Leadership

August 19, 2017: Week 7
Ways to Stimulate Creativity through Learning
Money Management Skills
Physical Fitness Experience
Art of Stepping and Dance
August 26, 2017: Week 8
Time Management
Visiting Health Careers
Morehouse MED School

September 9, 2017: Week 9
The Art of Math
Nutritional Session
Fundraiser/ Activity Excursion

September 16, 2017: Week 10
Writing Skills/Book Report
The Art of Dancing/Drama
Environmental Awareness Training

September 23, 2017: Week 11
Activity Excursion – Critter Fixer/Lane Packing
College Football Game

October 14, 2017: Week 12
Activity Excursion – Mercer Football Game

October 21, 2017: Week 13

October 28, 2017: Week 14

November 11, 2017: Week 15
Program Preparations

November 18, 2017: Week 16
Program Preparations

December 2, 2017: Week 17
Rebirth Program Rehearsal

December 5, 2017
Rebirth Program Rehearsal
December 7, 2017
Rebirth Program Rehearsal
December 9, 2017: Week 19
Rebirth Program Mercer University

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